The recipients of our services are:

● Private owners of tourist accommodations who need external support.

● Companies that manage tourist apartments and wish to externalize some services, be it periodically or occasionally.

● Any agent of the tourism sector who wants to offer a more personalized service to their clients.


From Bcn And You we can help you. To invest in us is to save worries, time and fixed costs, with the certainty and trust that we are looking after your interests.




We believe that attention to your clients is paramount. This is why we take very seriously welcoming the tourists through a warm greeting in several languages. We hand in the keys, provide instructions regarding the operation and regulations of the apartment, we solve any doubt that might arise, provide a map of the city and subway, and give a few basic indications to make more pleasant the initial contact with the city.


Quality control

At Bcn and You we take care of your apartment just as if it were ours. That is why to ensure the good condition of the apartment we offer a supervision service, agreed with you before hand, that can include the following:

●    Inspection of the apartment’s condition in the check-out.

●    Coordination and supervision of the work carried out by the cleaning service and others.

●    Maintenance of consumables.

●    Taking care of the plants.

●    Immediate communication of incidences.


Welcome packs

We propose our gastronomic welcome packs or any other kind of packs, and the possibility to personalise them in order to offer a warm welcome. It is these kinds of details which make the difference and increase customer loyalty.

Tell us your idea and your budget and we will help you make it come true.



Supply service

We offer you a supply service for your touristic apartment according to your needs, so that you don’t have to spend time in these types of tasks (soap, oil, salt, sugar…). Ask us.

Paperwork and administrative tasks

We know the time you spend in doing certain paperwork and arrangements. From Bcn and You we take care of any paperwork and/or arrangements that you need to make, such as to fill the register of travellers in the local police web page or any other administrative task.

Also, if you need a repair or installation in one apartment, we can wait for the technician and attend the visit.


And for your clients…

Transfers, babysitters, sailing boat itineraries, cooking classes, food and beverages packs…

Contact us and we will explain.

Check the rates of our services

● occasional

● fixed / periodical

● combination of several services

● flat rate

For any other service that you might need, please contact Bcn And You. We will find the best solution.